uPVC Windows

uPVC-Windows-chennai Heat Reduction - In each building, windows and doors play a decisive role for thermal insulation. With well-targeted measures, you can exploit great energy saving potentials. Naturally, Feneplast profiles comply with the legal thermal insulation requirements for new buildings and renovation projects. The heat transition Co-Efficient (the so called U-Value) of the window is a crucial factor with regard to insulation. Coupled with special insulating glasses, Feneplast high-quality synthetic profiles obtain optimum results through sophisticated multi-chambered technology.

Sound Insulation - Well-directed sound insulation contributes decisively to an improved living quality. According to recent medical findings, an elevated noise level could even result in a person feeling unwell. When noise becomes a problem, windows that reduce the noise level are the ideal solution. With Feneplast profile systems, silence can reign in your house because they have excellent sound insulating properties and can be equipped with special glazing. An even more effective sound insulation can be obtained by using counter sash or box-type windows. Feneplast profiles are suitable for all sound insulation glasses.

Durability and Maintenance - Feneplast profiles are made of high-quality uPVC, a proven and particularly long-lasting material. Special recipes and our continuous quality control ensure excellent weatherproofing and age-resistance even under extreme climate conditions. Therefore, Feneplast window systems are easy to maintain and they sustain their attractive appearance.

Also with regard to cleaning, Feneplast's high-quality plastic profiles make life easier. Thanks to their smooth surface they can be cleaned easily using commercially available mild cleansing agents and water. In case of heavy soiling and for the maintenance of seals and fittings we recommend the special Feneplast care system.

Eco Friendliness - Feneplast works with eco-friendly strategies from production through to recycling of discarded synthetic windows. Particularly complex industrial production processes not only feel the need, but also have a great opportunity to minimize damage to the environment throughout the work process.

In this context, PVC provides decisive advantages beginning with environmentally friendly production through to the most advanced manufacturing methods and energy saving processing. Closed cycles help reduce the consumption of energy and water. Rainwater falling down on the company's undeveloped spaces, is collected in a biotope, cleaned from tyre abrasion and oil mud in a sewage treatment plant and supplied to the internal water cycle.

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