uPVC Windows uPVC-Windows Heat Reduction - In each building, windows and doors play a decisive role for thermal insulation. With well-targeted measures, you can exploit great energy saving potentials. Naturally, Feneplast profiles comply with the legal thermal insulation requirements for new buildings and renovation projects. The heat transition Co-Efficient (the so called U-Value) of the window is a crucial factor with regard to insulation. Coupled with special insulating glasses, Feneplast high-quality synthetic profiles obtain optimum results through sophisticated multi-chambered technology.

Sound Insulation - Well-directed sound insulation contributes decisively to an improved living quality. According to recent medical findings, an elevated noise level could even result in a person feeling unwell. When noise becomes a problem, windows that reduce the noise level are the ideal solution. With Feneplast profile systems, silence can reign in your house because they have excellent sound insulating properties and can be equipped with special glazing. An even more effective sound insulation can be obtained by using counter sash or box-type windows. Feneplast profiles are suitable for all sound insulation glasses.     Read More..,

Tilt and Turn Windows uPVC-tilt-turn-Windows The Feneplast Window and Door Systems can be fitted with the Tilt & Turn hardware, which allows them in the Turn position to be opened completely or in the Tilt position to open only partially from top for ventilation. The Tilt position lets air in and out but prevents access for people from outside. A further option is the sliding windows and doors.

All functions are easily operated single handedly and in one move. The multi-point locking mechanism also keeps the frame from twisting or bending. Your windows and doors will therefore be kept straight and functional for many years to come.     Read More..,

Casement Window uPVC-casement-Windows Casement windows are hinged at the sides and can be build for inside or outside opening. The type of opening is up to your choice, for outside opening the security grills have either to be fitted inside, which makes it very difficult to clean the window, or if put outside, designed in such a way that there is sufficient space to open the window.
If the window is made for inside opening, then the security grill can be fitted outside which allows for easy cleaning of both sides of the window.     Read More..,

Sliding Windows uPVC sliding Windows
Sliding Window - The Sliding Window System is used if the window should not be turned or tilted for opening. Ideal solution for narrow spaces, developed for balcony, terrace and many indoor applications. Stainless steel roller track and low friction adjustable tandem rollers keep panels sliding easily for years.     Read More..,

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